Affiliate program

Basic Partnership offer

Making money online with Affiliate Program just got a lot easier.

We based a business platform that will unite a lot of services necessary for modern business. BEEQB is obliged to take a worthy place in the world economy. Implementation of our mission is impossible without information and technical support. We invite to cooperation creators of content and developers.

We strive to provide a decent motivation for your work. And we ask that the content you create be directed to the target audience and be unique.


The BEEQB partnership program is aimed at creating a high-quality information field about BEEQB. Once you place the affiliate link on your resources, you will receive 30% of all payments made by the users invited by you. Your reward will be accrued to you without any time limit.

Also, every month we form a rating of partners with a prize fund:

  1. Place #3: 100 BEE
  2. Place #2: 200 BEE
  3. Place #1: 400 BEE

Q: Where I can get my referral link?

A: Open BeeWalletBot > "Your Personal Wallet" > Settings > Referrals
Your link looks like:


We want to pay you for the development of plugins and projects using the BeeWallet API.

  1. Integration BeeWallet into existing / own product: 2000 BEE
  2. Plug-in development for CMS: 1000 BEE
  3. Plug-in development for CRM: 1500 BEE
  4. BeeWallet-based service development: 10000 BEE
  5. Opensource solution: +500 BEE

Build in your application affiliate link and earn an additional 30% of the user's payments.
Register your development and get a well-deserved reward.