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You love Bots? Run BeeWalletBot

Hot! Integrate the BeeWallet API into your product and get up to 10,000 BEE as reward.

Build Something Brilliant.

BeeWallet Corp and BeeWallet's API is simple yet distinct, making it an ideal starting point for your project whether it be a basic eCommerce site, or multi-cashbox retail store.

Experience quality

BeeWallet is built with simplification and ease-of-use at its core — whether you're a seasoned user or just starting out, you can start accept Bitcoin as a Payments just in 1 minutes.


Each purchase of BeeWallet Corp includes six months of free support, including access to our dedicated support forum. In addition to support you'll recieve lifetime updates, including new content and bug-fixes.

All the tools you'll need

Whether you’re building a donate form or huge corporate platform for your international business, BEEQB has your crypto-payments needs covered.

Zero price volatility

BeeWallet shields you from the price volatility of Bitcoin. You get every dollar or euro of what your charge, with OTC feature.

Lightning-fast global payments

You can send and receive blockchain payments to BeeWallet invoices in minutes from all the world.

Almost free

No installation, customisations or transaction fee, no hidden cost or etc. Just 9.99 BEE per company per month.

Keep more of your money

Accept Bitcoin with BeeWallet and get direct deposits into your wallet, flat 0% settlement charge.

Jump start API included

Want to integrate BeeWallet into existing platform? Its never be easy before. Spend 5 minutes for adding 3 lines of code.

Zero fraud

With Bitcoin, customers can pay without sharing personal information, and refunds are made through the merchant — no chargebacks.

“In all my years in crypto I haven't seen a more consistent and impressive work. We're in magnum opus crypto payment territory. Make sure you grab a part of market and stop wasting time doing things the old way — I guarantee, you won't regret it.”

Robert S.
Brisbane, AU

Open you BeeWallet

iOS, Android, Desktop. Web-based Application or Telegram bot for you, your employers and business partners. 

Create company

Its never be easy to register business account. Just fill the form with following instruction. And use BeeWallet Corp with extremely low fee - 9.99BEE/mo.
No KYC and AML process need for using BeeWallet Corp.
You don't have BEE? Pick "Buy tokens now" its really simple...

Add employers

You can add  any quantity of employers - its free. Add Accountants, Director, Administrators and many-many Sales Managers.
You can hire or fire any of employers any time.
Follow instruction.

Start accept Bitcoin as Payment

Create invoices, send it inside and outside BeeWallet. Create agents network with the highest security. Stop the words - BeeWallet is cheapest, quickest, securities and blockchain business solution for you. Read more.

Integrate BeeWallet API into your sales platform

Just a few lines of code and your sales platform is Bitcoin-ready with BeeWallet API. Every outgoing/incoming invoice created by you, your employers or your partners saved in new era blockchain.
Pay or accept payment instantly, just as you work with cash. Follow instruction.

Highest level of security and privacy

BeeWallet - is highly secure and privacy system. It means that nobody know your root wallet and nobody can spy you.

Why BeeWallet? Why Bitcoin?

Something new about your business, about your profit

  • Why Accept Bitcoin as Payments?

    Keep more of your money.

    Credit cards take up to 3% in processing fees on every transaction. Accept Bitcoin with BeeWallet and get direct deposits into your wallet for a simple, flat 0% settlement charge.

    Sell to anyone, anywhere.

    Connect to truly borderless payment networks with Bitcoin. Receive payment in any amount, from anywhere in the world, from any computer or mobile device.

    End chargeback fraud and identity theft.

    Other payment methods force customers and businesses to shoulder the risks and costs of payment fraud. With Bitcoin, customers can pay without handing over sensitive personal information, and refunds are made through the merchant — no chargebacks.

  • Stop storing your money on a website!

    Not even BeeWallet can access your money.

    Get real security by using a real wallet. Create a normal wallet for immediate payments, or lock down your security by requiring payments up to 2500 different addresses.

  • Turn Bitcoin into fiat with BEEX and BEEX OTC.

    BEEX - P2P cryptocurrency exchange

    BEEX - the special exchange for small and medium currency amount with east deposit and withdraw all type of currency

    BEEX OTC - B2B cryptocurrency over-the-control solution

    BEEX OTC - remarkable exchange solution for businesses. Every exchange operation is secure and privacy. BEEX OTC has a lot of partners over the world, who want sell or buy huge BTC amounts with no risk.